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Kids Wear

  • Froggy and Lady Bug Boots and Accessories

    Little people look forward to rainy days knowing they can step into adorable frog or ladybug boots. Fun, practical and unique accessories for children touch a child's heart And bring a smile to your face. Puddle-proof boots in frog green or ladybug red are available in chldrens sizes 6 through 11.
    $34.95  To order please call 1-877-490-5593

    Matching backpacks complete the wet seasons best dressed munchkin look. Adjustable straps, one size fits to approximately 6 years old. Fully loaded the backpack measures approximately 9" wide x 7" deep x 8" high with two front zipper pockets.
    $28.95 To order please call 1-877-490-5593 during business hours.


                                                                       Hello Kitty! 

Soft polyurethane outer shell with a snuggly pink cotton/poly lining makes this little raincoat warm as well as fun and functional.  Girly details like the bow on the hood, "Hello Kitty" pockets and cascading ruffles down the back appeal to even the tiniest fashionista.  Coordinated boots are, of course, a necessity.

Coat $49.92   sizes 2 to 4

Boots $39.95  sizes 5 - 11






Batman coats and rainboots appeal in a big way to every little superhero.  The detachable cape brings a whole new thrill to running as fast as possible and the coordinated rain boots make puddle jumping a joy. 

Coats $ 29.95 in sizes 2 to 6

Boots $39.95 in sizes 5 to 11